Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Value Of A Positive Attitude At Work

I've spent some time recently thinking about the role of a positive attitude in the workplace. I started doing some research and came across a great article from Dr. Marla Gottschalk explaining that a positive attitude at work has a clear positive relationship to "job satisfaction, organizational commitment and psychological well-being." She also gave some encouragement for those who struggle, saying that these skills can "be developed and strengthened."

My first semester of business school we had a leadership class as part of our core curriculum. For one assignment I was required to develop a leadership concept and build a model to help people develop that concept. I chose positive leadership. I've embedded the 5ish minute long presentation below. I hope that if you struggle with a positive attitude in the work place, this will help you.  If you have any feedback on the presentation, please give it in the comments. Enjoy!

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