Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Welcome To San Francisco Hug

I moved to San Francisco to take a job with Salesforce right out of my undergrad without having ever visited San Francisco in my life. I was excited for the adventure, but generally speaking I was freaked out, intimidated and paranoid about some aspects of big city living.

My first day of work I needed to catch a shuttle from the financial district to take me to new hire training in the San Mateo office. I was crashing at a friends house in the West Portal neighborhood at the time. I was a really worried about getting lost, missing the shuttle etc., so I left a few hours early. I got there really fast (the MUNI is not crowded at 6am). I got to the shuttle stop outside of Salesforce HQ and was just standing there for over an hour trying not to look like a country bumpkin. I did not know what the dress should be so to play it safe, I wore my best suit with a french cut shirt.

As the sun was coming up, some guy that was probably a little drunk came up to me and said. "DANG, YOU LOOK LIKE CLARK KENT!" He then proceeded to give me a bear hug. After he let me go, he looked me in the eye and said "wait, you also look like that kid from Jerry Mcguire." He then turned around and walked away. Welcome to San Francisco.

Clark Kent

Kid from the movie

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