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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Watch Telenovelas to Improve my Spanish

My wife and I both speak Spanish fluently, but admittedly, we don't speak it that often. Ever since we got pregnant last year, we decided that we are going to make an effort to teach our son Spanish once he was born. This has been a challenge since it feels a little forced for us to speak to each other in Spanish. We've been experimenting with other ways to improve our Spanish in preparation for his arrival.  Our current favorite is watching Telenovelas. Here are a few reasons we like this option.

Image of telenovela we are watching to improve our spanish
It's easy. There were plenty of free options for Telenovelas on Hulu that we can watch on demand.

It's entertaining. I don't think we'd be watching it if we were not trying to improve our Spanish, but it's reasonably entertaining. Definitely better than studying some book, or flashcards.

It's helping with comprehension. We are hearing native speakers speak at their normal speed. We've already seen improvements in our comprehension.

It's expanding our vocabulary. As we are watching the show we'll look up words that we don't understand. We quickly learned the words "chantajear", "asesino" and many others.

The only downside so far has been that watching does not get us speaking. Expanding our vocabulary and comprehension is important, but we need to do more to speak. I'd love to hear ideas about others do to keep up with their languages skills.


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